The Ratta & Coco Show

A Motion Capture 3D Animated Show set in the Caribbean

Our Future is immense!

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We intend to utilize all forms of Caribbean music in our shows where determined by the story lines.


We aim to partner with local dance schools like Dance Jamaica to incorporate new and exciting styles as determined by the writer's room. We are hopeful that our collaboration will allow dancers to register their moves with an NFT allowing for licensing across other media formats.

Live Theater

The LTM Pantomine is an early inspiration. The soul of our approach to animation is celebrate the live performance. We aim to partner on several levels as we discover the limitations of acting in mo-cap suits. This should be fun.


We will closely hold our art and image content upon launch to prevent piracy. We intend to employ the latest technology and methodologies - Limited drops, partnerships with established streetwear and fashion houses to ensure the validity of our brand.

Video Games

A Ratta & Coco video game would be a follow on project depending on the validity and success of the series.

Amusement Attractions

We intend to have Ratta & Coco Water Parks and tourist attractions. Planning and development of this would begin as soon as the time is appropriate. We are using the newly opened Nintendo World as a wonderful example of patient thoughtful execution.


We intend to begin a lifelong campaign of conservation and environmental advocacy with season one of our show. We will be using outtakes and highlight to feature and showcase PSA's about protecting our precious flora and fauna in the Caribbean. We aim to partner with organizations like BigUp Mi Beach to have Ratta & Coco Day's for beach cleanings. We would to partner with the following.

Environmental Foundation of Jamaica Caribbean Wildlife Alliance The Nature Conservancy (Jamaica) Caribbean Coastal Area Management Foundation Society for the Conversation and Study of Caribbean Birds Dispute Resoluiton Foundation (DRF) - Maroons Hubolt State Universtity Sponsored - Value of Native Shade Trees and Forest to Coffee Farms in Central and Western Jamaica Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust (JCDT) Biodiversity Conservation Capacity Needs and Opportunities Assessment in the Caribbean Islands Clarendon Parish Development Committee Benevolent Society The Caribsave Partnership Conservation International CAB International Caribbean Natural Resources Institute

We believe The Ratta & Coco Show is a 100 Billion Dollar 10 year opportunity. Everyone can benefit. Let's all go up together

The Franchise - The Brand - The Technology - Caribbean Animation Ecosystem

We would love to see international and govermental support. We aim to take a multi-faceted approach to intra island investment and promotion to ensure that the mission and values of The Ratta & Coco Show are spread throughout the Caribbean. Covid and the recent volcanic activity in St. Vincent shows the fragility of the tourist ecosystem. Reviving the local industry will take years of concerted effort. We believe a Pan-Caribbean brand, like "The Ratta & Coco Show" can go a long way to provide an economic and emotional lift.