The Ratta & Coco Show A Motion Capture 3D Animated Show set in the Caribbean

Nitty Gritty

Logline: Ratta & Coco have escaped to Monkey Island only to find out...They are not alone. Wata Dog, Tatu, Sea Cat, Patoo and Musmus have all gone there to create a new world free from DE CONSUMERS and COLONIZERS. All was well until the domesticated animals Jerk di Fowl and Curry di Ram Goat also sought refuge. Mayhem ensuses.

Synopsis of Storyline: Ratta & Coco along with the rest of the endangered species of the Caribbean have taken refuge under the magical world of Monkey Island. Far from (well a few hundred feet by boat) any humans. Their day to day escapades revolve around preserving the habitat and keeping it free from their domesticated and fattened enemies. The world created for Ratta & Coco will evolve in an open format.

Concept Art of Characters: The Ratta & Coco Show will be holding an open competition for character design. Our competiton will open formally in September 2021. We ask that animators secure their designs with an NFT using SING app from the Apple iPhone store, before being considered. We will not take unregistered submissions. Our determinations are final. Each Caribbean Animal will be paired with talent. We seek to attract dancers, singers and comedians/comediannes from the Caribbean to bring the characters to life. We will be designing a 3D live action set for a 10 episode series using Unity. We intend to commence filming in October in Jamaica or Trinidad. After post production and evalution we will be seeking a long term 360 media deal from a major US based entertainment company

Brief Description of a few episodes:

A New Day - Ratta & Coco cannot decide whether to venture off the island or stay put. Something lurks in the distance, they just cant see what it is.

Coco learns to Drive - Coco gets a push cart license and seeks to learn to drive. Ratta is ready to teach except no one knows he's never driven either

Will You Buy It? - Ratta decides their world needs commerce and lots of it. Chaos ensues over property rights and vending permits. Meanwhile Coco discovers new skills as a door to door salesperson. Before you know it Ratta has no inventory.

360 Marketing Strategy: Our marketing strategy centers around using non-fungible tokens as the base for providing long term value to artists involved in the project. What we are seeking is to develop a platform to compensate artists over the long term for their involvement in the show.

It is our intent to attract world class entertainers from the Caribbean diaspora in the fields of Reggae, Reggaeton, Pop, Soul, Dance and Theater to bring the characters alive and to allow for longevity and popularity and quick adoption.

We intend to cross market the characters in merchandising,comics, books, trading cards, music, museums, stage plays, digital formats (emerging crypto).

We intend to engage governments in the Caribbean in long term plans to have branded entertainment facilities like eco-friendly children's museums, water parks and tourist attractions throughout the caribbean - taking special emphasis on the preservation of the local indigeous ecology. We intend to partner with NGO's and Caribbean Conservation Partners to limit our carbon and garbage contributions and keep Caribbean beaches clean. A major portion of our profits will be dedicated to this cause.

Awards: Hans Marshalleck is a Caribbean American Tech Entreprenuer. His preferred medium is black and white illustrations and editiorial cartoons. He won a Collegiate Columbia Press Association for illustration in 1991.

Eric Richardson Hagans is an award winning director/producer. As a producer he won his first award for the short "Anguish". Then, inspired by the book "Rebel Without a Crew", he wrote, directed, scored and edited the award winning film "DAMON". He has also directed and produced two original stageplays, “If Only Yesterday”, written by him, and “Truth Between the Sheets” written by Michael Francis. His screenplay “The Ballad of John Henry” was a semi-finalist at the 2012 Hollywood Black Film Festival. Eric also produced and directed the short films, “Chance Encounter” and “The Bubble Gum Hit”. Both films went on to win multiple awards at film festivals like the Urban Action Showcase presented Cinemax.

Company Profile

The Ratta & Coco Show is brand new Animation Startup created soley for the development of "The Ratta & Coco Show".

Our Contest to find Animated Characters

We intend to have contestant enter using sing to use SING. To register their artwork as an NFT. A non fungible token is a fancy term for a digital marker that ensures your artwork is protected. You can then submit the artwork to us safely knowing that if we choose to use it you will be fairly compensated because we can verify ownership. It is an easy process which takes only a few minutes and does not cost anything. (at the moment...)

Watch their explainer video Here


What we are really building? A platform for compensation

From SING's website. - Every idea you send to and from the S!NG platform is encrypted, and every account is protected via email address or SMS and the biometrics on your device (FaceID, TouchID, etc). Through the use of blockchain, an immutable, permanent timestamp and record of your file is stored when it's uploaded. If you upload your work to S!NG before you send or share it with anyone else, then you will have the first timestamp in the world proving you were the first to create it, a key to copyright protection. And this timestamp is witnessed by the world on a third-party platform. Through the use of blockchain, an immutable, permanent timestamp and record of your file is stored when it’s uploaded. Tens of thousands of nodes on the Ethereum blockchain act as silent witnesses and, even though nobody can see the file you’ve secured until it’s shared, you have proof of the file itself (what it is), who you are, and exactly when you protected it. All instantly and in the background.

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We believe a new paradigm for giving artists ownership and compensation is available with Non-Fungible Tokens. Let's ride this train together.

After we register with SING what are the next steps?

We will begin informational Zoom calls on Monday nights beginning April until the official contest entry date. Our signup page will be available at the end of Kingstoon on April 25. You are free to ask your questions while we prepare to host your entry and refine our animation pipeline. We will then take your submissions in early September - digitize them into 3D models and proceed to use them in our first season of "The Ratta & Coco Show"