The Ratta & Coco Show

A Motion Capture 3D Animated Show set in the Caribbean

How We Will Create Magic

Step 0 Assemble the dreamers, believers, core investment team, and contributing artists

Step 1. Assemble 2D Animated Characters from our Open NFT competition.

Step 2. Create 3-D Blendshapes using Polywink or similar

Step 3. Create 3-D Blendshapes for bodies to match facial characters

Step 4. Test models and refine

Step 4a. Concurrently work on script for inital 10 shows with Writers Room Team.

Step 5. Screen Test Talent, Assemble Voice Over Talent

Step 6. Shoot inital season in Jamaica or Trinidad.

Step 7. Post production - Add music, 3D Unity Enviroment, Cinematic Camera angles, Captions etc.

Step 8. Air production to small audiences for feedback

Step 9. Festival Circuit - Quiet negotiations

Step 10. We hope for a Bidding Season between - Disney, Universal, Netflix, HBO, Paramount, Apple for long term pickup

Step 11. Pursue plans for Attractions, Merchandising, Video games, Stage Plays (Ratta & Coco on Ice...LOL) and Books

Step 12. Start over with refinements and a budget.

We will assemble a great Writers Room

Once upon a time... Everything begins with great writing and a good story. Characters that you care about. We intend to attract the best available talent by offering them a path to revenue reflected in NFT ownership of their writing. We believe we can do more with transperancy and openess, creating a new paradigm for compensation.

The Ratta & Coko Show is an open world like the Simpsons. It will take awhile for the show to establish its voice and get balance in its tone and direction. I am confident this will be achieved.

We will build a great Animation Team

C3D Motion capture is a horribly expensive enterprise. Real professional results take time, an enormous budget, dedicated professionals, top flight equipment and electricity. Our aim is to fail forward learn as much as we can and come up with an animation pipeline that celebrates real time theatrical interaction. We aim to build on the local talent base by providing equipment to supplement art schools throughout the Caribbean. Our goal is create jobs for the long term and create a pipeline of talent for the rest of the industry.

Ratta & Coco is an open world with lots of opportunity. Join us in making this a reality

Our Inspiration - Cory Strassberger & Solomon Jagwe -

We would be nowhere without Sowl Studios and Kite and Lightning. By showing the world how they were able to achieve their results. They made the impossible - possible. Thank you.

iPhone Rig for MoCap.png
iPhone Rig for MoCap.png